Social Media Mocks Kim Kardashian’s String Bikini Photo

Kim Kardashian always has a strong online presence however this recent photo might be her most intense yet.

Her fans were left shocked after seeing the image she posted of her most daring outfits to date.

Scroll down to see the snap for yourself…

Kim is pretty much the unofficial queen of Instagram…

The main reason is because of her outfits.

Everyone knows of the Kardashians….

All the sisters has a massive influence on social media following the success of their reality show.

However this family are more than just influencers.

These powerful women are impressive business entrepreneurs.

Although they have an element of wealth and fame ….

The sisters certainly weren’t the biggest Hollywood success story before Keeping Up With The Kardashians show.

The family are respected amongst the fashion and beauty industry.

Although it’s certainly is no secret that the siblings have stirred up their fair share of controversy over the years.

The Kardashian-Jenners are constantly making headlines.

Fans are always calling out the sisters for things like their cornrow hairstyles…..

Or photoshopping errors which fans always spot?

The famous family are open about plastic surgery they’ve had done, but fans still point out their excessive use of photoshop.

One sister in particular seems to land themselves in hot water more than the others…

That happens to be second born, Kim Kardashian.

Kim appears to have ventured off from her reality TV beginnings.

Kim now runs her highly successful beauty empire, KKW Beauty, while establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur.

She is also highly involved in the fashion scene.

Over the years she has turned heads with her fashion moments.

In 2019 Kim began a 4-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco.

In 2022 she will sit the state’s exams to qualify plus she seems passionate about her future career in law.

The internet however didn’t really know what to make of her announcement.

People felt she should “stay in her lane” as anything outside beauty and fashion is totally unacceptable for her to pursue.

Kim had impressive legal accomplishment in 2018.

The star quietly helped fund the “90 Days of Freedom” Campaign, which has helped free seventeen first-time nonviolent drug offenders and was even called by The White House to advise to help change the system of clemency.

However despite all this Kim frequently gets on the wrong side of fans.

Kim has also been mom-shamed regularly.

For example when she let her daughter, North, wear makeup.

This picture of her daughter caused a stir in 2019.

North was seen wearing a faux nose ring just weeks after her dad, Kanye, put a strict ban on her wearing makeup.

Kim can hardly go a minute without making the headlines.

And it seems this week is no exception to that.

Fans were shocked when they logged into Instagram to see her latest snap …

Now, Kim is no stranger to a risque outfit.

It seems her latest bikini snap has garnered a lot of attention.

However some seemed to love the picture.

Here’s the pic that got everyone talking.

What are your thoughts?

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