His Name Is Frederik The Great And He Is The Most Handsome Horse In The World

Crossing Hasselhoff, there is a new competitor in town, who may be named the most handsome creature in the world. Meet Frederick the Great. He is a Friesian stallion with long outstanding locks and toned muscles.

The photogenic Frisian is famous for his beauty. Frederik’s fan page has more than 26,000 likes on Facebook, and his stately appearance is known for his appearance throughout the Internet.His long black hair is swaying in the wind, nothing is better than this.

According to his masters,“Frederik is considered one of the most Photographic Friesians in the world, his beautiful Photographs taken by the amazing Photographer Cally Matherly has been admired by millions worldwide.”

They call him “the Labrador in hooves” and he’s known as a gentle giant.

His breeders are in the Ozarks. This mountain giant often wanders around for performances and scheduled activities.

According to his owner, the Frisian stallion was almost extinct three times, which, after all, makes Frederik a rare species!

Isn’t he strikingly handsome? Even mesmerizing?

A horse you could spend the rest of your life with…

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