Hungry elephant smashes kitchen wall to rummage for snacks in Thailand home

An elephant broke into a kitchen looking for food in Hua Hin, southern Thailand, in the wee hours of Sunday. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. Watch:

Elephant breaks into kitchen

Elephant breaks into kitchen  |  Photo Credit: Twitter

Key Highlights

  • An elephant broke smashed through a kitchen wall in Thailand on Sunday
  • A video of the incident shows the tusker shoving a packet of rice into its mouth
  • The elephant is well known in the area because his mischiefs

A Thai woman was shocked when she found a hungry elephant looking for food after smashing her kitchen wall. The adult bull, named Plai Bunchuay, sniffed out the food and broke into the house in Hua Hin, southern Thailand, on Sunday morning at around 2 am.

Rachadawan Phungprasopporn and her husband woke up to the noise of the elephant smashing into their kitchen. They rushed to their kitchen to find out what happened. The tusker was grabbing a plastic bag of rice and shoving it into its mouth.

A now-viral video shows the elephant’s head and trunk inside the kitchen after it made a hole in the wall.


Rachadawan was quoted as saying by Daily Mail, “This elephant is well known in the area because he causes a lot of mischiefs. He came to the house about two months ago and was looking around, but he didn’t damage anything then.”

She said, “We spoke to the local wildlife officers and they told us not to keep food out in the kitchen because the smell attracts the elephants, so we followed their advice. The wall will cost about 50,000 Baht (Rs 1.17 lakh) to repair. It was funny to see the elephant-like that but also I’m worried he could come back again.”

Conservation officer Supanya Chengsutha said, “The most likely explanation for this situation is that the elephant smelled the food and wanted to eat it. It’s not because the elephant was particularly hungry, as the food in the jungle has stayed the same. There is plenty and that hasn’t changed.”

The officer added, “But sometimes individual elephants experience a change in their behaviour and character, so there’s no one factor why they would do this. Elephant eating habits have also changed now that they come into contact with humans more. They have started to like the food that people eat. It could also be that hunters and traps in the jungle have disrupted the elephant and it has moved out of the deep forest more towards settlements.”

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