10+ Reasons Why Women Always Feel So Bloated & How To Reduce.

Every woman would love to have a flat stomach for a night out or special occasion. However, after a few nibbles and drinks, zipping your pants up becomes a real struggle.  Abdominal bloating can not only look and feel bad but also cause physical discomfort. We have found 8 reasons that …

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Times The Camera Caught MORE Than What Was Expected

Hilariously funny. Painfully excruciating. These photos have it all and for some, you may just find it all too much. After all, no one wants to die from a laughing fit, but if you had to choose your moment, who wouldn’t want to spend it on ThatViralFeed as you witness …

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Woman Recreates Celebrity Instagram Pics With Hilarious Results

Celeste Barber, branded as the ‘Queen of comedy’ has recreated classic photographs of celebrities using her own unique style.  She has given her 6 million Instagram followers a lot to laugh about. Scroll down to take a look at her epic collection of photos below. #1 FLOWER POWER #2 SNEAKY …

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