Californian Grandma Shocks Fans by Sharing Her Age

After posting a series of hot Instagram posts a sexy granny has baffled her followers by revealing her age. Alice Vasquez, who lives in California, posed her fabulous wrinkle-free skin in a lacy pink crop top while showing off. Hundreds of likes were piled up by her stories, with several …

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11 Photos Proving That Women Totally Have Super Powers

According to science, all women have some superpowers that are not present in men: they can distinguish different shades of color, they have a stronger immune system, and they’re more empathic and intuitive than men are. They possess unique danger detecting abilities and can multitask seemingly effortlessly. The pictures in this list demonstrate the unique skills of women that make us admire them …

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12 Stories About People Who Deserve a Medal for Quick Thinking

Every day is full of exciting events. Thanks to such websites as Reddit, Overheard, and Ward №6 they become known to a great number of people. Riddle Side has picked 12 stories for you, each of them a snippet of someone’s colorful life. My boyfriend is incredible. Yesterday we were arguing, and I shouted that …

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